Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Best Hotel For Staff Spirit

The Hotel With The Best Staff Spirit we found was Plantation Bay on Mactan Island Cebu, Philippines. This 7-hectare tropical lagoon resort was created to replicate the hospitality and spirit of the great old plantation houses, where guests were received with great honour and courtesy. Indeed, there was something exceptional in the spirit with which we were hosted. It was something soft, subtle and soothing; a gentle and evocative happiness in the way the staff related to guests that was both indefinable yet distinctly different. The pleasant professional courtesy aside, there was a meticulous care and commitment to the welfare of guests that was somehow special. Intrigued, we prevailed on the owner to share his secret,which he did very reluctantly. His hand-picked staff-members were all graduates of nursing-school before he moulded them into hospitality charmers! What an innovative, effective idea! One wonders if the take-over by international hotel chains has ruined the magic we found in 1998…..

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